JCB Live DVD Disclaimer

DVDs are a legacy media format. As the professional production world shifts toward digital streaming as a standard, access to the types of DVD replication tools that large production houses or manufacturers use for Hollywood movies and TV shows is incredibly limited. This digital shift leaves fewer options for local production companies to easily and efficiently create DVD media without either:
a. relying on legacy DVD production technology with limited capabilities; or
b. sending media to a 3rd-party replication warehouse, therefore lengthening the post-production timeline for local families to receive their event videos.

Here at JCB Creative, we have a robust set of professional tools to efficiently produce DVDs locally, but due to the limitations of those tools we cannot guarantee that our DVD media can or will be compatible with all variations of home media players.

JCB Creative uses professional DVD authoring software to create the content for your DVDs, then produces the physical discs using a DVD Duplication machine. The primary limitation with DVD Duplication, when compared to the manufacturing-level process of DVD Replication, is the inability to verify accurate copy protection and region coding settings have been written into each disc as it is produced.

JCB Creative produces all DVD discs using an "All-Region" Region Code for maximum compatibility, but not all DVD players or firmware versions will accurately read the region codes on discs that have not come from a manufacturer. Our discs go through a multi-step verification process to ensure the data has successfully been written to the disc, including manual quality checks utilizing both Sony and Samsung brand players, before being packaged and shipped to customers.


Alternatives to DVDs

If a Blu-Ray compatible player is available to your household, we strongly recommend you purchase a Blu-Ray disc and not a DVD, because Blu-Ray technology and the associated Region Coding have fewer compatibility issues across players and firmware versions. 

Alternatively, Digital Download (.MOV / .MP4) options are being introduced for many of our events for personal use, eliminating many of the issues that arise with physical discs.


Limitation of Liability

By purchasing a DVD from our small business production company for your event, you acknowledge and agree that JCB Creative cannot be held liable for DVD playability or compatibility issues relating to the make, model, or firmware of your home devices. In no event shall JCB Creative be liable to a customer for the inability to play a disc outside of incidental damages due to mailing, such as discs which arrived scratched or broken.


Contacting Us

If you have purchased a DVD and are running into compatibility issues, we would be happy to help troubleshoot the issue if you send us a message at: [email protected]. We cannot guarantee a compatible disc for your home media players, but we can work together to find the best solution to meet your needs.